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Robin Williams Is New King of TV, Scores Twice as Many Viewers as Michael J. Fox, X Factor

Almost 16 million people watched Robin Williams’ new comedy on CBS last night. The Oscar winner and extremely funny comedian’s first TV sitcom, “The Crazy Ones,” had 15.6 total viewers. It was the second most watched show on Thursday night behind the season premiere of “The Big Bang Theory.”

Williams’ show scored a whopping 4.0 in the desired key demo 18-49 as well. Williams also brought in twice as many eyes as Michael J. Fox over on NBC (a good show by the way that should be moved to another time slot).

And Williams had two and a half times as many viewers as “The X Factor.” Simon Cowell’s competition show on Fox has 6 million fans. Sometimes it’s a little more, but basically there are 6 million regular viewers.

Completely in trouble last night was the return of “Glee.” They scored 5.17 million viewers total. They were the fourth place show in their timeslot and didn’t score so well with young people. Did Cory Monteith’s death turn off the audience? The memorial tribute show will probably get big ratings as viewers say goodbye to Finn. But after that, “Glee” may be done.