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Oprah Winfrey could be a double Oscar nominee next year. Her OWN network is going to release its first film for Oscar consideration in November. It’s first theatrical release from OWN.

Barbara Kopple’s documentary “Running from Crazy” chronicles Mariel Hemingway‘s exploration of suicide and depression in her family, from grandfather Ernest to her own sisters. In the film Mariel comes to the conclusion that her late father, John, sexually abused both of her sisters. One of them, Margaux, who became an internationally known model and actress, committed suicide.

OWN will release “Running from Crazy” for Oscar eligibility– which basically means “four walling” or just renting a theater in New York and Los Angeles for one week runs before the end of the year before it’s shown on TV. The movie is fascinating. And of course Kopple is an Oscar winning, important filmmaker.

Oprah is already the leading contender for Best Supporting Actress in “The Butler.” So it will be interesting to see what support she puts behind “Running from Crazy” to get it nominated in the doc category. We could be seeing her twice on the Dolby Theater stage on March 2, 2014.

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