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I told you two weeks ago Paul McCartney had a new album. And it’s called “New,” due from Concord on October 15th. “New” is produced by Mark Ronson, the man behind Amy Winehouse’s big successes and many other hits. Ronson is also the son of Ann Dexter Jones and stepson of Foreigner’s Mick Jones. The title song, “New,” is up on iTunes today. It’s so McCartney-like in melody and structure you’d have no trouble picking it out, and still it’s all “new.” This song is one of Macca’s bright, self contained pop bursts, a lot like “Penny Lane” or “My Brave Face.” The new album is Paul’s first since “Driving Rain.”– whoops, no!– “Memory Almost Full.” (Apparently mine is or I wouldn’t have forgotten that!)

Here it is:

photo c2012showbiz411

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  1. 1st since Driving Rain? What about Chaos in the Backyard and Memory Almost Full? I think this is his first in 6 years. Not counting Electric Arguments from The Fireman and Kisses on the Bottom.

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