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UPDATE: Karen Black has died at age 74. She ran with a cool crowd when she burst onto the movie scene– Fonda, Nicholson, Hopper, DeNiro, Altman. She was a unique talent. God bless.

Earlier: This is a terrible story. But beloved actress Karen Black is dying of cancer. Her husband has posted a blog and a video updating her deteriorating condition.  http://karenblackactress.blogspot.com/2013/08/august-7th-update-from-stephen-karens.html?m=1 Black is living in a nursing facility and the situation sounds pretty dire. If you’re too young to know, Karen Black made a name for herself in the 70s in “Five Easy Pieces,” “Nashville,” “Easy Rider,” and other classics.

Here is Karen from “The Great Gatsby” (1974):

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  1. Back in the late nineties I moved to LA and and the only places I could afford to live were some of the scariest hovels in the valley, until I found a room for rent in Encino and who should open the door Karen Black. She was a very compassionate person to her friends, a bit eccentric even for Hollywood standards but very kind none the less. I still to this day tell the many stories I witnessed in that home, many involve lots and lots and lots of cats. I will always cherish my time with her family and will very much miss such a unique soul.


  2. She ran around with a bunch of leftist radical Hollywood elitist, she glorified the dope smoking hippie life style in her movies and she died an early painful death because of her indulgence in drugs and cigarettes. Oh well that is just the way it goes.

  3. I think I remember her in a film “Can She Bake A Cherry Pie?” from the early 80’s. My heart goes out to her and her loved ones.

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