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NBC has officially announced what I told you some time ago and several times at that: as Jimmy Fallon takes over the Tonight show, Seth Meyers gets Late Night. This was in Lorne Michaels‘s plan for a long time. Last summer I reported that Meyers was first in line to succeed Regis Philbin on his show. This was absolutely true. They really wanted him. But Michaels convinced Meyers to hang on. Now Lorne has Tonight, Late Night, and SNL. It’s going to be a golden age of comedy in New York on NBC and coming from 30 Rock. Myers is perfect for Late Night. Fallon will be just great on Tonight.

Next up, as I also told you, more network changes. First, Elisabeth Hasselbeck will leave The View “of her own accord.” That announcement should come soon. Then we’ll see if ABC made a deal with Brooke Shields, who just bought a house in New York. I told you about that first, and quite a while ago.

And then: what will happen with David Letterman? Will he sign a new contract? Will CBS make the change to Jon Stewart, as I predicted? Something about the month of May, when network execs’ dreams turn to youthful demographics…

Do click on those blue links — they’ll take you to the original exclusives I wrote about all this stuff starting last July 4th…

PS If Bill Hader can be persuaded to tough out one more year on SNL, he will get “Weekend Update.” Otherwise, Taran Killam and Kate McKinnon would be perfect co-anchors.


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