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“Iron Man 3” has set box office records this weekend. It can now boast the second highest weekend in box office history with $175 mil. It’s second only to its “cousin,” “The Avengers.” Worldwide, “Iron Man 3” has almost $700 million in the bank. And this is only after one weekend in domestic release. Even with “Stark Trek” about to arrive, “Iron Man 3” has a long way to go. Based on these numbers, it should at least double its take before its run is over. What an incredible turnaround for Robert Downey, Jr. He changed his whole life, and is now the biggest movie star on the planet. Amazing, and great. It’s nice to see a happy ending. Downey has pocketed $50 million from the first three “Iron Man” movies, and is negotiating now for a fourth and fifth.

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