Home Celebrity Flash! Jacqueline Bisset Will Play “Mrs DSK” Anne Sinclair in Depardieu Movie

Flash! Jacqueline Bisset, one of my all time favorite actresses, is replacing Isabelle Adjani in the movie about “DSK.” Bisset will play Anne Sinclair, the wealthy French journalist who was married to Dominique Strauss Kahn when he was arrested and detained in New York two years ago. Gerard Depardieu is scheduled to play DSK in this wild saga about the powerful French politician and businessman who was accused of raping a maid. The story made international headlines. It pretty much destroyed DSK’s career, brought out other allegations and accusations.

Sinclair stood by her husband and funded his defense. But when they returned to France, she dumped him very quickly. I’m sure Adjani would have been just fine. But Bisset will bring an intelligence and elegance to the role, as well as a defiance over what happened to her life. From the casting descriptions, this Abel Ferrara film sounds like it may try to make DSK “redeemed” in some way. I certainly hope not. The only way to make that movie work is to show Sinclair’s journey to leaving DSK. Of course, in the film, the characters are “fictional”–different names-and he’s “a college professor on his way to becoming president of France.”

Bisset is one of Hollywood’s great gems. Still gorgeous, she’s also one of the brightest people in town. She’s never played by the rules even though she’s been in big budget studio films and terrific indies. This still untitled film sounds like it could be a big winner.

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