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Don’t believe these new stories about Jay Leno v. NBC being about criticism of his network jokes. Last night Leno called NBC executives “Snakes” in his monologue (see video). And it wasn’t because NBC chief Robert Greenblatt recently emailed Leno about jokes criticizing the network’s lousy ratings. This is ALL about NBC putting out the word recently that it wants to retire Leno at the end of the 2014 season and replace him with the younger Jimmy Fallon. Leno is an ace game player and knows exactly what he’s doing. When the Fallon story became absolutely HUGE ten days ago, he did not respond right away on his show.

Instead, he started taking pot shots at the network. The New York Times reported that Greenblatt sent Leno an email asking him to knock it off. Of course, that story was leaked.

And now this: “You know the legend of St. Patrick, right? St Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland. Then they came into the United States and became NBC executives.” Leno vs. NBC is going to go one for a year and change now. Get ready.

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  1. It takes one to know one, After what Leno did to Conan, he is in no place to play the victim. And his jokes are so lame I quit watching years ago. NOT. FUNNY. Carson was the king. There never will be another.




  3. You mention the jay walking segment do you know he stole that
    From Howard Stern who started that many years before Jay.
    Jay is a hack and has been. He had his moments after Johnny passed
    It’s time for jay to go

  4. Jay Leno is the real snake. His sleazy tactics when Letterman was being considered for the Tonight Show job (Dave was even Johnny Carson’s pick as successor) and during the whole Conan O’Brien debacle are testimony that behind his supposed easy going style on the air lurks an unscrupulous, unprincipled, unfunny hack.

  5. I’ve always liked Jay Leno. I’m just amazed that it took him so long to realize what (or who) it was he was working for – Snakes.

  6. Too bad they don’t have the stomach to try somebody who doesn’t despise the majority of the American people. All these yammering Liberal Talk-Show types are hopelessly in love with the nit-wit superficiality and mind numbed egocentric Hollywood walking mannequins

  7. Oh please Barry!
    You talk about Leno with the likes of Letterman and Mahr and Colbert. Please take drink of water and leave the look aid alone!

  8. @barry First, he’s really bashing Republicans who are not and have not been conservative in decades and rather than censoring Leno, the GOP could stop providing his writers with so much raw material.

    Second, he bashes the left about equally. Last night for example was actually GOP-insult free; he only bashed Obama.

    Third, I agree we need to stop dumbing down; so cancel the Gretchen Carlson, Steve Doocy, and Brian Kilmeade show.

  9. The only late night show I watch is the Tonight Show. With Jay gone, I would have no reason to watch NBC at all. I will miss Jay Leno. I won’t miss NBC.

  10. I have heard that Howard Stern will be replacing him…The ratings will be better and he is more fun to watch…..TV has gone stale…we are all grown ups and we should be able to watch grown up humor….Stop catering to children…they know more than adults do now anyway so Howard Stern would be ideal in late night

  11. I was just talking with friends. None of the current late night hosts are as good as Johnny Carson – Nor Jack Parr or Steve Allen. JAY WALKING IS STUPID & BORING!

  12. I was just talking with friends. We agreed that none of the late night hosts are as good as Johnny Carson. Even Jack Parr or Steve Allen. I hate Jaywalking. It’s SO STUPID.

  13. Leno is an ungratful SOB….NBC and its ‘exec’s have made this man a multi millionaire, gave him his own show, and let him tell America lame jokes….and he has the nerve to bash them…..

  14. Not a fan of Leno’s prima-donna tendencies, but Fallon can’t carry his jock strap. Leno blows Fallon away in terms of talent. Either let Leno stay or find someone who’s better, i.e. definitely not Fallon. What’s next, Carson Daly bumping out Letterman? If NBC execs follow through with this mistake they will look absolutely retarded.

  15. Jay Leno is a wonderful man, though his political leanings leave a lot to be desired. He really does need to retire, or at least get ‘just for men’ to break a bit of life back into his white head.

    All in all though, sometimes it is just time to let someone younger and vibrant with less chins come in from the dead of night though we all know what happened last time…

  16. If I were given a choice between Leno, Lettermen or Fallon, I would pick Leno. Leno at least makes an attempt to bash all sides more or less equally. Letterman is disrespectful. Fallon just doesn’t do it for me.

  17. conservative bashing? seriously? Leno’s a lot like SNL…equal oppurtunity joker. occasionally there’s a bit of a tilt, but he’s been just as ready to bash President Obama as he did for Bush.

    now Letterman…that’s another story.

  18. Leno is not as bad as Letterman in bashing the GOP. But, consider the idiots they hand=g with and where they hang. NY or LA. Not many conservatives in either place.
    Letterman is just an a@@hole.

  19. So Leno thinks NBC executives are snakes? I guess he and Conan can share stories over coffee. I have no sympathy for Jay after what he pulled a few years ago.

  20. Letterman may even be older than Leno. But backing him up later in the evening is the lukewarm Craig Ferguson. Leno has the young, hot Jimmy Fallon waiting in the wings. You have to know NBC wants to grease the skids for Leno’s departure into retirement. Fallon would pump the ratings of the tonight show with a younger, more desirable demographic.

  21. NBC thinks that even though Leno is number 1 in the ratings, his viewers are aging and beyond their spending prime.

    Even if Leno is canned by NBC, he will have a show if he wants it.

  22. Leno is an equal opportunity basher of politicians, which translates into his being unique in his willingness to make fun of Obama. Greenblatt is no doubt a loyal Democrat, so maybe the mockery of the President is part of it as well. I hope Leno stays.

  23. Remember when they tried to get Leno to retire so they could give his slot to that red-headed Irishman (can’t recall his name, go figure). That was an abismal failure. The only comedian funny enough to take over for Leno is Jimmy Kimmell. He is a hoot. Anyone remember the skits with Donny Osmond. Classic.

  24. barry1817 & Wilhelm, I couldn’t agree more. And Letterman has evolved into a mean-spirited, arrogant comedian. I would love it if one of his guests punched him in the nose.

  25. Jimmy is a bigger conservative basher than Leno by a mile, but at least Jimmy is funny and doesn’t have to squirm for laughs while the applause sign flashes.
    If only NBC would buck-up and ask Conan back.

  26. Thank god for TIVO. It allows me to tape something that I can watch late at night. Haven’t watched the Tonight show since Johnny left.

  27. It’s idiots like barry1817 that are liberal low-info voters that get their reality from Hollywood and social media. He complains about dumbed down culture and blames it on the conservatives. Typical. Please, Please, Please educate yourself as to human history. Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. That’s is exactly what has been happening the last 30+ years in this country.

  28. Want to see the “Big 3” poop themselves? Jay walks into Fox independent to start up his own “Late Night Show”. Call it “Mulholland Madness” and start the show with a Montage of those Hot Cars and Hot Bods from Southern California. People will flock to hear him every night and bury the rest of the trash. Remember, You heard it here first!

  29. Leno takes shots and Republicans and Democrats. Letterman takes shots only at Republicans. The media are whores in general. Taking sides here is pointless but what the hell…….I side with Leno because he has a vowel at the end of his name and he likes cars. If that seems superficial….well, yes it is.

  30. To barry1817 and wilhelm, both Leno and Letterman are over the hill, and as for Leno’s bashing conservatives, that is not going to change with his replacement. He is on NBC! Same with Letterman at CBS.

  31. NBC’s attack on Leno is just one more act of idiocy on the part of this network’s executive suite. Having wrecked their other cash cow, the Today show, now they’re ready to scuttle the Tonight show, their last remaining success.

  32. If NBC’s truly trying to kick out Leno, the Japanese have a word for it: “bachi” (“deserved payback that was waiting to surprise”). Leno wasn’t exactly a non-snake when it came time for Letterman to take over “The Tonight Show”; and Leno sure as heck couldn’t say he wasn’t privy to slthering when he grabbed back “The Tonight Show” from Conan.

  33. People don’t realize that before the Tonight Show, Jay Leno was the greatest stand up comedian in America. He had a rapid fire style that got you laughing and mercilessly kept you laughing until your jaw hurt. He did over 300 shows per year and traveled nonstop. I saw him at a benefit show in Boston where he kept the audience in stitches for over two hours. It was the only time in my life that I wanted to stop laughing because it was starting to be painful to laugh so much. If he leaves the Tonight Show, do yourself a favor and go see his stand up act.

  34. Unfortunately, Comcast is and NBC is filled with lib’s it is very unlikley it will get any better. NBC is 5th behind Univision and sliding……..

  35. Maybe The ratings would be better if Leno and NBC didn’t repeat programs. Instead use guest hosts like Carson did. I for one watch Kimmel when there is a repeat, but am a loyal fan otherwise

  36. This could be the funniest that Jay has been in a decade… not to mention a return of the Late Night war when Leno out maneuvered Letterman for the Tonight Show chair. But this time, it’s Fallon (meaning Lorne Michaels) against Leno. Could get fun!!!

  37. Jay is a first class guy.
    Took a pay cut to keep some of his production crew around.
    Did the execs ever take a pay cut?
    Jay should start his own network.
    He will be missed just like Johnny.

  38. Jay, Who…?!?

    I stopped watching the “Chin” ever since his show of the CT sandy hook shooting. He started somber saying that out of respect for the massacre, his show would be toned down. At that moment I had the deepest respect for “the Chin.” But a lass, that didn’t last long as he brought out liberal propagandist, Travis Smiley. They gushed about “gun control” and it did not strike me in anyway as being “respectful” to the victims, their families, or a grieving nation. Instead “The Chin” and his leftist zealot guest gushed about “gun control” and echoed President OBlamer propaganda verbatim. The bodies of those tiny children and their valiant teachers who tried to protect them weren’t even cold yet before liberals started politicizing the tragedy to push their agenda.

    Since that night I have not turned my TV to NBC or their local affiliates. And I haven’t missed them one bit.

  39. Leno should move to another network. I like him but I had to stop watching his show because I am boycotting anything associated with the far left wing propaganda network MSNBC.

  40. Oh, come on. This is nonsense, and I strongly doubt that even the author of this piece actually believes there’s any kind of legitimate feud going on here. This is a ploy for ratings. When’s the last time NBC’s late night talk shows had any kind of ratings bump? It was when the Conan vs Leno/ Leno vs everyone actual feud was going on. They’re obviously trying to re-create that sort of tense, David vs Goliath scenario, with Leno cast as the pure-of-heart little guy to NBC’s conniving giant. Leno is NBC’s lap dog and has been since before he even got the Tonight Show. And now he’s complaining that they want to force him out in exactly the same way he himself helped NBC force Carson out? Please. This is a transparent sham and if you fall for it, you’re probably dumb enough to be a member of Leno’s audience.

  41. Letterman is the “no talent” has-been!! – Jay Leno has the big edge in Comedic cache while Letterman ties himself to the Progressive Politicos and the narratives of the Professional Left.

    Letterman hasn’t been able to grow is audience for years and seems to be stuck in the 90’s!

  42. Carson treated them the same.

    When a delegation of NBC veeps were at a show he would note that they were easy to spot in the crowd. “They’re the ones peeling bananas with their feet,” he said.

  43. Barry, keep wishing. Bashing conservatives will be “removed from the landscape” as soon as bashing liberals are “removed.” They all do it. Suck it up and check your over-sensitivity.

    You can thank liberalism for dumbing people down. Progressives have been in control of our educational systems for decades and the percentage of kids graduating without basic reading and math skill is abhorrent. Try holding a conversation on any given subject with almost anyone under the age of 25. Unless you speak in the most basic terms and lace it with plenty of f-bombs they just look at you with a dumfounded expression. And please, don’t ask them to make change for a buck. That really throws them for a loop.

  44. Leno is still the best at that time slot. Letterman Sucks. mean- not funny. Doesn’t Letterman Know there is a movement on to stop bullying in this country, and this guy makes a living off of it.

  45. Hey. Leno re-enlisted largely to keep a lot of his people working. They have jobs & families. His ratings are ahead of the competition in all categories.

  46. Have not watched this show since Mr. Carson retired and I don’t waste my time with the other half brain on the other network either, Letman or what ever he prefers to be called.

  47. You’d think after the Conan O’Brien hand-over disaster three years ago that NBC would have learned their lesson. But nope, here they go again looking to force Leno out and Leno recycling his jokes from not only three years ago but from the 1990’s when he was almost forced out of the Tonight Show in favor of Letterman.

  48. Hey Leno remember when they replaced Johnny Carson with you.
    It’s a cycle man get over yourself and enjoy your life with your 100’s of cars and motorcycles.

  49. Jay Leno is as much the Tonight Show today as Johnny Caerson was in his day. NBC would be foolish to let him go. Fallon is not ready, nor would he be the best choice.

  50. If you want a great documentary about NBC execs screwing up their late night hosts – watch the movie “The Late Shift”

    Its a great movie about how they transitioned from Carson to Leno and how they basically tried to screw Letterman.

    Totally worth watching

  51. NBC is evil and never understand the 61 year old Mr. Leno is entitled to the Tonight Show for Life. For his dozens of funny jokes in 20 year they only paid him about half a billion dollars.

  52. gee, ya think? NBC? America is over. The media, socialists and entertainment industry killed it. RIP. Peace? Not an effin chance. Have a nice day.

  53. Leno should be thankful that NBC gave a moon-faced, mediocre comedian the opportunity to make more money than any of us can ever dream of. Ride your Harley off into the sunset, Jay.

  54. NBC wants to drift further into irrelevancy. Probably the only show I watch on NBC is the Tonight Show. The change will mean I will kiss NBC goodbye. Creativity is gone at NBC. It is no accident that shows on cable networks like AMC and the History Channel are taking off. I hope that Leno is able to find work on a more relevant channel after 2014.

  55. personally I would not be terribly upset if Leno and his conservative bashing monologues were to be removed from the landscape.

    And since we have dumbed down our culture so badly, it might be time to stop the Jay Walking segments, highlighting the ignorance of so many, and unfortunately those people think being stupid/ignorant/ is something to be highlighted.

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