Home Celebrity Charlie Sheen Comeback Movie Makes Just $35,000

You may remember Charlie Sheen. He was the star of “Platoon” many eons ago. Then TV’s “Two and a Half Men,” and now the ironically titled “Anger Management.” Sheen left “Men” declaring he could be a big movie star again, among other ravings. But reality has set in. Sheen’s sort of comeback movie “A Glimpse into the Mind of Charles Swan III” is a bust at the box office.

In its first week in two theatres, “Swan” made $12,000. The second week was more telling: expanding to 18 locations, “Swan”–a movie so bad it’s almost indescribable–took in a meager $22,000. Boxofficemojo.com listed it at number 64 for the week.

Newcomer distributor A24 Films released “Swan” mostly, I think, because of the names involved–Sheen, director Roman Coppola (son of Francis Ford) and his first cousin, actor Jason Schwartzman. But despite Coppola’s best efforts, and as usual engaging “Bored to Death” star, “Swan” is best seen on video, in the privacy of one’s own home, where multitasking would be possible.


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