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Beyonce Super Bowl Half Time Show: Swagger But Not Much Singing (Full Video)

Beyonce put on a good show of pyrotechnics and dancing, but I wouldn’t say there was much actual singing as we used to know it. She has two good songs–“Crazy in Love”–  which is really just a repurposed song by the late great Eugene Record of the Chi Lites–and “Single Ladies.” Another song, “Halo” consists mostly of Bey belting out the word “Halo.”  It was neither terrible nor great. One big problem is that Beyonce doesn’t have much of a catalog to pull from. She just has a great swagger, and no one struts lie her, and that may be all you need these days. Anyway, she sang live and that’s all that matters at this point. No lip synching all night. But the 49ers maybe should have lip synched the first half.

Update: The Ravens just scored again. If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to bring some flowers to their grave…Jeesh…

And quoth the Ravens: Never more, never more.