Home Celebrity “Mad Men”: Star Jon Hamm Directing Second Episode, After Two Hour Premiere

“Mad Men” returns to the air on April 7th with a two hour premiere. It’s not a moment too soon. And the good news is, Jon Hamm directs the second episode (or the third, depending on how you look at it) on April 14th. John Slattery, who deserved an Emmy for Best Supporting Actor last season, also directs two episodes coming up. What do we know? Not much except that two hour opener is set at least partially in Hawaii, where Don and Megan go on a vacation. Megan remains Mrs. Don Draper at least for now. Season 6 is the second to last for “Mad Men” which will conclude, it seems, at the end of the 60s, which is just perfect. Then Jon Hamm goes off to become a movie star. How many episodes for January Jones this season after almost nothing last go round? Also unknown. Will Pete and Peggy ever see their child? Will there be a plot for the whole season this time? And if it’s 1967 when we return, will someone be listening to “Sgt. Pepper”? Questions!


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