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TV Land has renewed the mostly awful series called The Soul Man. The series does not star the actual person who is called the Soul Man, R&B legend and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Sam Moore. Cedric the Entertainer is the star, and he’s starting to brand himself “The Soul Man,” which is a no no. Sam Moore has been “the Soul Man” since 1966 when his hit with Dave Prater established them as the most famous R&B duo of all time.

Since Prater’s death, Sam has been immortalized in countless movies, by all the living presidents, at the Kennedy Center several times, at international awards shows like MOJO, by the Grammys. and by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and by Bruce Springsteen.

Last weekend, Moore was a guest at Reggie Jackson’s charity event in Las Vegas where Cedric was hired to entertain the crowd. Cedric, I am told, made very sure to stay away from Moore out of sheer embarrassment. Nevertheless, Robin Leach featured Moore in his column about the event. Singer Jeffrey Osbourne, also there to entertain the audience, flipped out when he saw Sam. Osbourne’s original band, LTD, once worked as Sam’s back up band, and Osbourne remains a devoted fan.

And no, Sam is not calling himself “Sam Moore the Entertainer” to get back at Cedric. He’s too classy for that.

Watch this kids:





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  1. As Roger said Mr. Moore has the trademark so he nor Roger are grasping at straws. This is just plain wrong, here’s a man who has been tied to the song “Soul Man” for more than 40 years and this chump comes along and is riding on his coat tails and didn’t have the balls to go talk to Sam.. see if he felt in the right and okay with what he was doing he would have made it a point to chat with Moore… because he didn’t only proves his a chump and a low life and sucks as badly as his show does!

  2. Roger,

    I do not see the problem. Did Sam Moore trademark the title “The Soul Man” and is the character Cedric The Entertainer is playing supposed to be loosely based on Moore? If not, I don’t see the issue. Grasping at straws.

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