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The Rolling Stones will release two new songs with a 48 song collection this fall. One of the songs is called “Doom and Gloom,” which may describe how the deal is going for the four show, $25 million project they were supposed to announce today. My source says the deal is not done, nothing’s been signed. So instead today’s announcement was that the Stones will release a 50 song boxed set of hits called “Grrrr!” to celebrate their 50th anniversary. There will two new songs– “Doom and Gloom,” and “One Last Shot.”

There are a bunch of different versions of this thing, with 3CDs, a booklet, and– just kidding– a hologram, a laser beam, and a set of Yo Yo’s with each Stones’ face engraved. If the prices for all these things are like the Brussels limited edition sets featured on the Stones website, then yikes. I don’t know, I expected more, not just “40 Licks” plus 10. A little disappointed? Well, it’s going to get better  I’m sure once they’re live and on stage. Don’t wanna be all “Doom and Gloom.”

“Grrr” will be released on November 12th.

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  1. Just what we needed another greatest hits package with two new tracks NOT! I will buy the two new tracks and the hell with the rest of it..I have all their albums without compilation packages anyway. A 50 yr anniversary and this is whats delivered? So far Im not impressed!

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