Home Celebrity “The Intouchables” Crosses $10 Million Mark– Huge for a Foreign Film

“The Intouchables”–already a hit around the world–is a smash here in the US. The Weinstein Company is reporting that they crossed the $10 million mark this week, finishing today at $10,457,197. (The international gross is around $360 million.)

This is quite an accomplishment. The French film, about a wealthy man and his unlikely aide, has been playing for months now, very quietly, staying under the radar but building word of mouth. As such, it just keeps going, costing no money to keep in theaters and making money every week.

Omar Sy, who plays Driss, the aide, already won the Best Actor prize in France. Don’t be surprised to see a major push for him this season for the Oscars. And Francois Cluzet, the veteran French star, is getting equally high praise as Driss’s employer.

I don’t see any reason why “The Intouchables” will come out of theaters any time soon. I’m sure the plan is to send out the DVD in late fall, early winter when Academy screeners are mailed. And this will be one that every Academy member will  love. Omar Sy?  It’s possible to see his name on a list with Daniel Day Lewis, Joaquin Phoenix, Tommy Lee Jones, and a few others next winter.

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