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Word from Katherine Jackson’s lawyer Perry Sanders: tomorrow Charles Schultz (not the Peanuts guy, he’s gone), lawyer for TJ Jackson, will file a pleading tomorrow to make TJ permanent co-guardian of Prince, Paris. and Blanket. They’re announcing their intention to give everyone who’d be interested notice–meaning Debbie Rowe, mother of Paris and Prince, and anyone else who thinks they’re involved in this case. Rowe is probably fine with the plan.

None of Michael Jackson’s siblings can put up a fight since they have no interest in the kids, just in their money. Judge Mitchell Beckloff will then decide if he wants to deal this ASAP or wait until a scheduled hearing on August 22nd. By all accounts the kids are fine, and some normalcy has returned since Mrs. Jackson returned home.

Meantime, TMZ has run a retraction of their crazy story that Janet Jackson physically attackef Paris, and that major cursing went on when Janet, Randy and Jermaine “raided” the Calabasas house ten days ago. The whole thing was absurd and should teach newspapers around the country not to blindly reprint TMZ’s tabloid stories without first checking them out. Janet Jackson is mild mannered person. It’s not in her personality to do such a thing. And Paris was too well raised by her father to curse anyone out like that, especially her own aunt.

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