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Madonna can sing. Who knew? After all the years of processed recordings and pre-recorded concerts, Madonna can carry a tune. At least a little bit of one. In the Facebook interview, Madonna is prodded by Jimmy Fallon. At around 11:00 in the interview–which you can in our video player at the bottom of this home page– she sings a few notes from “Borderline,” her 1985 hit. It’s quite amazing. The Facebook interview is short — just 24 minutes and 13 seconds– even thought Madonna keeps asking to make it longer. I thought she was charming and honest. Fallon brought out the best in her, that’s for sure. She said her new show would be “violent.” She also said her favorite new song from her “MDNA” album was “Gang Bang.” Fashionwise, she explained that she’d cut the feet off Adidas socks to make arm warmers. She looked great, and seemed relaxed. She wasn’t nasty, didn’t curse, said nothing bad about Guy Ritchie, didn’t discuss her debacle in Africa or Kabbalah. What more could you want? Madonna said if she had three wishes, they’d be: to give all the money spent of defense for education; to make sure gay marriage was legal; and that none of her videos would be banned. Jimmy Fallon continues to hit home runs. One day soon he’ll have the “Tonight Show.” It’s as if he’s channeling Jack Paar, Steve Allen and a little Johnny Carson. Bravo!

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