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The fifth season of “Mad Men” begins on March 25th on AMC.  And yes, everyone’s waiting with baited breath. But what will happen? Here’s a possible clue. The fifth episode is called “Signal 30.” According to the Museum of the Moving Image, “Signal 30” was a “shocking” 1959 film about fatalities resulting from traffic accidents.

Here’s the description: Legendary “shock” driving safety film featuring numerous scenes of mutilated cars and injured/dead people and a voiceover lacking in compassion. Produced in cooperation with the Ohio State Highway Patrol and shown to millions of young drivers for over 40 years. CONTENT ADVISORY: Many disturbing scenes of violent deaths and accident scenes; cries of crash victims on soundtrack.

So what will happen? Will there be a pile up? Will Don Draper’s presumed new wife, Megan, bite the dust? Or it will be Betty, his ex? Here’s the link: http://www.archive.org/details/Signal301959. Of course, “Signal 30” was released in 1959, and “Mad Men” should be returning to us circa 1967. We’ll have to wait and see…

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  1. Grandpa Gene notwithstanding, and depending where we come back to the show, Sally is only about 12. Kieran Shipka is a very talented actress but I don’t think she could pass for 16. Now, Glen….

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