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Danish director Lars von Trier did everyone a favor Monday and stayed away from the New York Film Festival premiere of “Melancholia.” After making his infamous Hitler and Nazi remarks in Cannes last May, von Trier knew better than to poke around in churning waters. Stars Kirsten Dunst, Charlotte Gainsbourg, and Alexander Skarsgard showed up, which was just fine. Dunst won Best Actress in Cannes, and certainly merits awards attention this season. “Melancholia” is a very good film, and one that is hard to shake from memory. Kirsten looked terrific, and told us at the DeLeon Tequila after party at Stone Rose Lounge in the Time Warner Center that once she finishes “Bachelorette,” she’s taking the holidays off before starting another film. Skarsgard is off to shoot “The East” before returning to “True Blood.” When I asked him how he was handling being the object of so much female attention, he just smiled and said, “I’m enjoying it.” He’s a nice guy…


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