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And so the “Spider Man” after party meant what seemed like thousands of people tried to jam into the Bowl Mor lanes on West 44th St. The queue ran up the block from BowlMor to the corner of Broadway. Ah, for the days when Broadway premieres were at Tavern on the Green or Sardi’s. This was what is called in polite society a ‘Rat f—.’ Once inside Bowl Mor, the story became so much more intriguing.

There was, of course, a private space that required a red wrist band. If you could make it in, you might find members of the cast or crew. But a turn around the bend showed a different set up– a large blue curtain that walled off a private party within the private space. This was for Bono and The Edge, who’d earlier entertained former President Bill Clinton, Matt Damon, Robert DeNiro, Jay Z, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a dazed looking Steve Martin and a few other dignitaries in a private room over at the Foxwoods Theater. Now here they were, again choosing entrants like Cindy Crawford, and rejecting others.

Interestingly, the producers of “Spider Man” were not in the blue-curtained room. Michael Cohl and his people were camped out in the main private space, in front of the blue curtain. Beyond the curtain, it’s unclear really who Bono and Edge were so hot to be with, although it was more about keeping people than having them in.

At the theater there many celebs, most of whom did not attempt to enter Bowl Mor of left shortly after arrival: Jimmy Fallon, Trudie Styler, Julian Lennon, Regis and Joy Philbin, Lou Reed, Spike Lee, Glen Hansard, John McEnroe and Patty Smyth. Gayle King. Helena Christensen, Liam Neeson, director Fred Schepisi, Harvey Weinstein, Sir Howard Stringer, Ben Vereen, Amy Irving, Jane Rose, Lesley Stahl (who had some kind of confusion about her tickets) and Joan Hamburg were a few of the names.

Before the show: Shelley Lazar, the great rock impresario who everyone loves, slipped and fell on the stairs in the orchestra section. She may have broken her wrist. Ron and Ellin Delsener offered to accompany her to the hospital because they’re great people. Here’s hoping Shelley’s ok.

During the show: Barbara Walters got up and left during the first act. It was quite a scene because she took her two seatmates with her. Then the seatmates, two women all dolled up, returned ten minutes later with Walters. She had turned off the dark.

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  1. I don’t understand the last paragraph. Do you mean the seatmates returned withOUT Walters? If that’s not what you meant to write, then I don’t get what was so horrible about an 80 year old woman leaving the audience for ten minutes with the help of her seatmates?

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