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Michael Douglas: “He’s a rock star,” someone said last night when Douglas came into the Booth Theater to see Kathleen Turner‘s opening night in “High.” He was accompanied by his longtime publicist Allen Burry. It’s true. Everyone wanted to see Douglas, find out how he is, ask after wife Catherine Zeta Jones, etc. He greeted Nederlanders and Shuberts alike. The New York Post’s Cindy Adams, who sometimes bolts during intermissions, was seated next to Burry, and wasn’t going anywhere.

Douglas has survived cancer and kept a mane of shiny, thickish gray hair. Unbelievable. He looks great. At intermission, I asked him about filming his next movie, “Liberace.”

“We have to wait until September, I think,” he said. “Matt Damon’s going off to make a payday picture this summer. And I have to gain some weight.” Damon is indeed filming “Elysium” with Jodie Foster, directed by Neill Blomkamp, for Sony.

And how is CZJ? “She’s off to Louisiana to shoot a new film,” Michael said, making no reference to CZJ’s recent news headlines. I didn’t bring them up. When the film is shot, the family heads to their home in Spain for the summer.

And how is Michael’s dad, Kirk Douglas, who stole the Oscar show? “He’s 94 and doing great,” Michael said. “He did just about steal that show, didn’t he?” He said, and grinned.

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  1. I love this man!! He can still get my blood pumping! And his gorgeous wife, the lovely Ms. Zeta-Jones is just a phenomenal person. God bless them both.

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