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Charlie Sheen finally figured out how to get an audience on his side. Find scapegoats. In Cleveland on Tuesday night he led a crowd in chanting, alternately, “F–k Detroit” and “F–k that bitch” regarding his ex wife Denise Richards, mother of his young daughters.

In Chicago, two nights ago, Charlie called ex wife Brooke Mueller a “kidnapper bitch.” Otherwise, he’s changed his tune, to wanting his job back on “Two and a Half Men.” His “Violent Torpedoes of Truth” tour has no entertainment value besides all that.

Next stop: Columbus, Ohio. And then Radio City Music Hall in New York. There are still thousands of seats available on StubHub despite his press officer putting out notes that the prices have gone up. Not much. You can still see Sheen in New York for under thirty bucks. Meantime, Sheen is trying to trademark 22 different phrases.

PS Yesterday Sheen’s actor-director brother Emilio Estevez tweeted this message: “Film is an illusion, fame is ephemeral – faith and family are what matter.”

Well put, Emilio.

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  1. This guy is a joke, it’s just too bad people keep on buying into it. I am from Detroit and had alot of friends at his show…..what a joke…Detroiters are not tough people in general especially considering most of the people in the crowd were from the suburbs anyway….we will let you know if your bad though….

  2. If people get past the rah rahs at TMZ and E! they will find the local reviews are bad and the feeling among all but the hardcore has been that the shows are a bore. When he gets to NYC it will be obvious that the people in Detroit knew a stinker when they saw one.

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