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Paul Reiser, Musician: TV Comic Joins Famed Singer in Song for Soldiers

Paul Reiser is best known for “Mad About You.” The talented writer-actor-comedian never told us something important though: he’s a musician.

And now Reiser has hooked up with one of the best female singers in popdom, Julia Fordham, in an unusual collaboration. They’ve made an album together and a new song, “UnSung Heroes,” that’s dedicated to the US soldiers in Afghanistan. (Video after the jump.)

The video for “UnSung Heroes” premieres right here.

Fordham, of course, is the much admired British vocalist who’s made a name for herself with hits like “Happy Ever After” and “Porcelain.” Her most recent albums have won Fordham acclaim as a singer whose range is unparalleled.

Reiser tells me that he was just driving along and heard her remarkable voice on the radio. “I pulled right over.” The two met a couple of years ago and started writing songs together. Paul Reiser a musician? Yes indeed. But he hadn’t really encouraged that part of his career other than

writing the theme song for “Mad About You.”

Now the pair has ten songs and an album called  “Unusual Suspects” that will be out November 9th.

The idea for “UnSung Heroes,” Paul says, came from stories he and Fordham heard about returning soldiers.

“It was the last song we wrote for the album. For the video, we even got approved images from the Defense Department. A recent live performance of it for the Wounded Warriors Project on September 11th, he said, was “humbling.”

Check out Julia’s website for more info: www.juliafordham.com [1]