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You don’t hear too much about Michael Jackson‘s eldest sibling, Rebbie (Maureen) Jackson. She was smart: she got married young and got away from the Jackson family as soon as possible. Apparently, they’ve held it against her all these years.

I am told by sources that Rebbie, now 60, is constantly dissed and used by her family, from the early days right up to this week. In fact, she traveled this week from Las Vegas, where she lives with her husband, to the Los Angeles area to an interview with the UK newspaper, The Sun.

The paper offered her $75,000, and Rebbie, who has done little to cash in on her family’s fame, accepted. She did the interview, and then waited, a friend says, for the paper to call to get her bank information. The call never came. Instead, today The Sun is featuring LaToya Jackson on its website and in the paper. Says a source: “Joe Jackson heard about Rebbie’s interview. He got La Toya to do it, and replaced Rebbie.” The older sister is said to be very upset and rightly so.

According to those who know her, the mild mannered, loyal Rebbie is one of the few Jacksons to turn down offers since Michael died a year ago today. She declined $650,000 from News of the World just five days after Michael’s death. As a performer herself, she’s managed to make a career for herself in Las Vegas. But I am told that both her parents went to a Las Vegas hotel owner and scotched a deal for Rebbie to have her own showcase. “The parents told the hotel owner why did he want just Rebbie when they could offer him a better deal?” In the end, no one got the work.

Last year, after Michael died, my source insists that the Jacksons asked Rebbie to come take care of Michael’s kids. “She stayed for three months until she realized they just did it to keep her from working in Vegas. They never intended for her to actually be involved.” Since then, little has been heard from Rebbie in regard to Michael’s kids or the family.

Interestingly, Rebbie was the last Jackson sibling who Michael ever worked with professionally. He helped her with a single hit, “Centipede,” in the early 90s. In 1998, he helped her with a single and video called “Faithfully Yours.”

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  1. Michael never helped Rebbie with the single Yours Faithfully. That`s no true. He gave her another song he recorded for Bad but never included: Fly Away.

  2. @Calista

    You’re full of shit. There is NO truth to those allegations & only LATOYA made those statements, much like she made others to get attention since she was the talentless sibling. You sound like a journalist & you aren’t fooling anybody. Go back to Demon Dimond or Maureen Orth and lift false hearsay from them.

  3. Didn’t Rebbie, as well as robot LaToya, say they were molested by Joseph Jackson? That would be incentive enough for Joe to substitute the greedy kid he can control with a “reward” for talking good about him. What is the truth about these incest allegations?

  4. Joe Jackson is a real pimp and Michael Jackson’s siblings are a bunch of freeloaders. I feel bad for Michael’s children – this family is using them and the money left to them to maintain their
    privileged lifestyle. They should all go out and get jobs and stop
    living off others.

  5. The Jackson family is sick at best and dysfunctional at worst.

    I thought my family “took the cake.” Maybe I don’t need therapy three times a week after all. :)

  6. What a family. It’s really sad. The only siblings of Michael I ever respected were Rebbie, Marlon,and Janet. Jerealous and Lattentionwhora are two of the filthiest opportunists , giving silly interviews ad nauseum as if they were the closes to Michael (yeah right). Hopefully they both can disappear and go back to being irrelevant.

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