conradmurray1 Michael Jacksons Doctor to Be Arraigned on MondayTMZ’s long week of predicting, nay, demanding, the arrest and arraignment of Dr. Conrad Murray has come to an end.

Despite the Web site’s wacky hourly announcements about Dr. Murray’s legal situation, Michael Jackson’s alleged killer will actually be formally charged on Monday in Los Angeles.

How do we know? Because the LAPD and District Attorney have each sent out a press release with the info. That takes the mystery out of it! Dr. Murray will be arraigned at the Airport Court on So. La Cienega on Monday after charges are filed with the DA.

My favorite part of this story was TMZ’s insistence that the LAPD and DA were having a “feud.” It was hilarious.

A friend of mine on the inside says, “Sorry. No feud. No agreement ever was made with Murray attorneys about a surrender. No one at LAPD ever wanted a perp walk or even mentioned it. That and most of the other stuff that has been going out has been simple horse hockey.”

But this is the nature of unsourced hourly blogging. It’s terrible and funny. So much energy wasted on nothing.

And what will happen? Dr. Murray will plead not guilty. The DA will ask for bail, which Murray will offer. He will await trial for involuntary manslaughter. Much is already known. He’s admitted to giving Michael the Diprivan/Propofol that killed the singer. He also allegedly was on the phone with his girlfriend — babymama No. 7 — while Michael was “out.” So the defense will have to prove that his administration of the drug was right and proper. Good luck, Dr. M.!

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