mgibson Mel Gibsons Career on the Edge of Collapse?Mel Gibson’s new film, “Edge of Darkness,” cost at least $80 million. Add in another $15 million, let’s say, for marketing, and you’ve got nearly a $100 million movie.

As of Wednesday, “Edge” had $21 million in its till. But it also had a unique problem. From Tuesday to Wednesday, it had the largest drop-off of any movie in the top 10. It was off 19.7%. The next closest drop went to “When in Rome,” Disney’s sort of straight-to-airplane romantic comedy which fell 19%.

The other eight were all at much less, including Denzel Washington in “The Book of Eli,” also from Warner Bros and a comparable commercial big studio entertainment.

The gauge for “Darkness” will show up later today, when we can see who went to see it on Thursday night.

What happened? It’s taken a few days for movie fans to hear about ‘ and see ‘ Gibson’s vile personality exhibited in public again. This time, he became belligerent during a perfectly friendly interview with a TV correspondent. Gibson did it by satellite, and when it was over, with his microphone on, he called the interviewer an “a**hole.”

The interviewer asked Gibson very politely about his DUI arrest and subsequent problems. It was perfectly valid. Gibson shot back this was now something that happened four years ago. That is true. Gibson’s legal problems began in 2006. But still, they happened, and they are absolutely noteworthy. He drove drunk. When he was arrested, he made anti-Semitic and racist comments. And there was an attempt to cover this up.

Here’s the clip of Gibson calling Chicago’s WGN’s Dean Richards an “a**hole.”

“That’s almost four years ago, dude. I’ve moved on. I’ve done all the necessary mea culpas.”

Well, no, Mel, you haven’t done the necessary mea culpas. You haven’t apologized directly for any of it. You haven’t explained why you continue to fund a “Catholic” church that isn’t recognized by the Catholic church. You haven’t explained or apologized for being a Holocaust denier, or answered questions about your father, Hutton Gibson, who’s said outrageous and awful things about the current Pope and the last one, too.

Here’s the thing: Mel has invested $50 million into that ideology. He got the money from people like us going into movie theaters and paying $12.50 per ticket. The public, huge segments of which Mel hates and despises, created this Frankenstein. Catholics, Jews, blacks, people against drunk driving ‘ all get to vote with their wallets on whether Mel Gibson remains a movie star. He called Dean Richards an “a**hole.” He picked a fight with Sam Rubin. He is not contrite. He is not sorry.

Wednesday’s drop may be a reflection that the fans are finally getting it.

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