lost1 Still Lost and Hoping for a Compass“Lost” is back. We’re obsessed with it and also a little bored.


We now know John Locke is the smoke monster. Huh? He’s also dead. His dead body is on the ground but Locke is walking around.

He’s not Jacob. Jacob is dead but he’s talking to Hurley. That’s nice of him. Jacob is dead, but talks. Juliet is dead, but she’s really dead. I think that’s because she’s on a new series.

Desmond and Charlie come and go. Desmond and Jack have marks on their necks. Jack’s father’s body is missing. Maybe. Because Jack and everyone else are now on two tracks: After Oceanic 815 has successfully landed in Los Angeles, and back on the island.

Missing from the flight: Shannon. Boone says he couldn’t help his sister out of a bad relationship, Maggie Grace must have been unavailable.

I like that Miles is still around. I miss Charlotte. I’m sorry Daniel Faraday is dead. He’s the only one who knew what was going on.

Since all the Jacob stuff started, Ben seems to know a lot less than he used to. Too bad. He’s been diminished.

How many times can Jack, Kate, and friends be taken hostage by people they’ve never seen before in a fully built community? This time, it’s a temple. Did the Dharmans and the Others all not know about the Japanese guy and the hippie? Will the stewardess get revenge on everyone for driving her crazy on that flight?

And is the island really the Lost City of Atlantis? Or are all these theories and questions just all wet?

Fifteen more episodes. And I’ll be watching every one.

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