Elton John and David Furnish are about to become Naked Angels.

The pair of partners are also Broadway producers, famously and successfully of the multiple Tony award-winning “Billy Elliott.”

But now they’re joining the upcoming Broadway production of “Next Fall,” which comes from the Naked Angels theater group.

They were both very excited last night at the Grammys when they told me they had a big Broadway announcement.

What’s interesting is that Geoffrey Naufft’s play has no music. It’s the first “straight play” that Elton and Furnish have gotten involved with. But it’s not exactly a “straight play”–to use a pun. The central story is about Luke and Adam, who have been in afive year relationship. Long time Naked Angel member Patrick Breen stars with Patrick Heusinger. “Next Fall” is also about faith, committment, and unconditional love, according to a summary provided by the company.

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