Frank DiLeo Jacksons Diss Michaels GrammyMichael Jackson finally got a Lifetime Achievement Award yesterday from the Grammys.

No one from his family showed up to accept it.

The Grammy board invited all the Jacksons. Sources say they never heard a word from anyone. At one point there was talk of Marlon Jackson showing up. He didn’t.

Michael’s faithful friend and longtime manager Frank DiLeo accepted in their place. He thanked NARAS and said he was accepting on behalf of Michael’s kids. He talked a little about their long association. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

Tonight on the Grammys: All eyes will be on seats marked for Katherine Jackson and Michael’s kids. They’re supposed to be there. Of course, the Lifetime Achievement ceremony isn’t televised and there’s no money involved. The Grammys at least are good for publicity.

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