edgedarkness1 Jodie Foster: Mel Gibsons Only Celeb FriendIt seems like college graduate Jodie Foster is the only celebrity friend left for Mel Gibson.

At this week’s Hollywood premiere for Mel’s big comeback movie, “Edge of Darkness,” Foster was the only celebrity who was photographed on the red carpet with Mel.

Otherwise, the hundreds of photos on WireImage’s site are of Mel, babymama Oksana Grigorieva, and a selection of movie execs and Mel’s publicist.

Usually even minor stars are elbowing each other out of the way to get press at a red carpet premiere. This time the only other names were Lance Bass and Joe Jonas. Otherwise, the other people in the pics are completely unknown.

But not so this time. Maybe they read our story yesterday about Mel’s dad, who accused the leaders of the Roman Catholic Church of being “not outright queer”’but’”supportive of it.”

Mel’s on the comeback trail, as everyone knows. Yesterday it was announced that he may do a new movie with “Lethal Weapon” screenwriter Shane Black. Just FYI: in February 2009 Black’s ex-girlfriend sued him for $5 million. According to the report from tmz.com, Sonya Popovich claimed Black crushed and tried suffocating her. She was hospitalized for a hairline split in her esophagus that Shane allegedly inflicted. While in the hospital, Popovich alleges he visited her and on one occasion “crawled into [her] bed, removed a vial of cocaine from his pocket, sniffed some cocaine from the vial, and proceeded to masturbate in Plaintiff’s hospital bed.”

Black countersued with just as sordid charges against Poppvich.

The Gibson-Black movie reunion is highly anticipated.

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