Mel Gibson opens in “Edge of Darkness” this Friday. It’s his first starring role since “Signs” in 2002. But a lot has changed.

Since then we’ve learned that Gibson is a racist and anti-Semite. He’s also a drunk, a liar and a philanderer. His father is a famous Holocaust denier who has a Web site explaining all his crazy beliefs. He also disavows the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church in favor of his own brand of Catholicism.On a radio show called “The Political Cesspool,” broadcast on Jan. 9, 2010, Hutton Gibson went after the late Pope John Paul II for visiting the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, for being a Russian or Communist agent and other crazy stuff.

“The whole bunch at the top,” Hutton Gibson says at 14:58 of the interview, of the current Archdiocese,””if they’re not outright queer, they’re supportive of it. They do nothing about the terrible things that go on among the clergy and the bishops.”

Listen to the interview here. (Thanks to blogger Adam Holland, who found the link.)

All that money that movie fans gave Mel in the past for his movies, including “The Passion of the Christ,” has been used to fuel these ideas. Mel currently has $50 million parked in a not-for-profit foundation called the A. P. Reilly Foundation. The foundation funds his private Holy Family Church in Malibu, California. The church is not recognized by any Archdiocese because the Gibsons have essentially seceded from regular Catholicism.

On his website, Hutton Gibson calls Pope Benedict XVI “Benny the Rat.”

And this is the same Mel Gibson who had seven children with his wife, then left her for a younger woman ‘ with whom he now has an illegitimate child. I’m not sure which Catholic church approves of this.

If you don’t recall, Gibson was pulled over in Malibu on July 28, 2006 for drunk driving. The police officer who pulled him over reported that Gibson said to him, “Fucking Jews… Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world. Are you a Jew?” As it happened, the cop was Jewish. And he wrote down every word.

I don’t always trust the Web site, but this time they really got it right. Here’s the original story and police report.

The fact is, Mel Gibson has never apologized for this incident. He’s never explained it fully, either. And when Diane Sawyer asked him about his father, he refused to distance himself from Hutton Gibson’s views that the Holocaust never happened or criticize him in any way.

If you want to see evidence of Mel Gibson in 2010, check out this interview Gibson did with veteran Los Angeles Hollywood correspondent Sam Rubin.

When Rubin suggests that Gibson may not be wanted back by all of the movie audience, Gibson leans forward, gets aggressive, and asks, “Do you have a dog in this race?” It didn’t occur to Rubin until a few minutes later that Gibson meant because Rubin was Jewish.

Mel Gibson hasn’t changed. Neither has his father. Let’s not reward them.

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