A Brangelina split? It would be a tabloid nirvana. The News of the World, which pays for stories and concocts them with ease, has Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie signing papers with a Hollywood divorce lawyer even though they’re not married. The splitting of six children and $400 million are the main subjects. Of course, then Brad will return to Jennifer Aniston and Angelina will add six more kids to the brood.

The tempting headlines for every week of 2010 are upon us.

Unfortunately it doesn’t ring true. Anything’s possible, but just on Friday night a very good friend of the couple’s who’s here in Sundance was chatting with me off the record about them. She talked about how much in love they are, and how affectionate they are with each other when the cameras aren’t on them. This actress is a smart cookie, so if Pitt and Jolie are really splitsville, she’ll be just as surprised as anyone.

Word to the wise: a couple of years ago the tabs launched a divorce attack on Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. It went on and on, endlessly. They are still together, noticeably happy, and a family with twins. But at the time it sparked circulation for a group of magazines that really should be used for pet-cage lining. Buyer, beware.

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