George Clooney works fast. In eight days he’s put together an all-star telethon set for this Friday on all the networks.

I told you about this telethon exclusively last Tuesday morning. Now it’s all coming together.

As I already reported, Sting was the first to say yes to Clooney. He’ll be performing from New York, along with Bruce Springsteen, Jennifer Hudson, Mary J. Blige, Shakira and, of course, New York host Wyclef Jean.

Alicia Keys would ordinarily be in New York, but she’s on the West Coast getting ready for Clive Davis’s annual Grammy gala as well as the actual Grammy Awards. So Keys will join Christina Aguilera, Dave Matthews, John Legend, Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift the headliner, Stevie Wonder from Hollywood. There will also be a group performance by Keith Urban, Kid Rock, and Sheryl Crow. Bono and the Edge, Rihanna, and Jay Z will appear from London.

Wyclef had better do “Somebody Call 911.” It’s the most appropriate song. It’s hoped that Sting might sing Springsteen’s “The Rising” as well as his own “Fragile.” All of the music will be available on iTunes.

What hasn’t been announced yet: A list of names of actors who will be taking calls from donors. I can tell you Leonardo DiCaprio is already signed up and that Ben Affleck is trying to figure out how to participate from the Sundance Film Festival. There’s no doubt that Clooney’s pals will all be involved, like Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and Don Cheadle. A source connected to the telethon says the flood of star volunteers is overwhelming, “Everyone wants to participate. It will be hard to fit them all in.”

More to come…

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