Ricky Gervais hosted the Golden Globes with aplomb. He offended everyone. It was a beautiful thing to behold.

“I was mostly worried about Paul McCartney,” Ricky told me. “But he hugged me afterward and said it was okay.” Gervais made some rude comments during the show about Paul’s unfortunate marriage to Heather Mills.

“I was also worried about Mel Gibson.” he said. “I didn’t know if he’d want to hit me.” Ricky has not heard from Mel, and Mel was seen later at a restaurant off the Beverly Hilton campus with his baby mama. Gervais didn’t realize that Gibson had quite inappropriately reacted to his skit with a’glass of beer by “acting” drunk. Gibson, a lout and racist anti-Semite,’seemed’to forget’that he’d been arrested for drunk driving. He thought it was funny. Ha ha!

But Gervais’s more interesting revelation of the night was that he says he and Steve Carell have talked about Ricky possibly appearing on the American version of “The Office.”

“We’re thinking of how Michael Scott” ‘ Carell’s character ‘ “could run across David Brent” ‘ Gervais’s character from the British “Office” which he created. “It could be brilliant,” Gervais said. He’s right. “Just one time, one episode, and that’s it,” he said.

It’s amazing to think that Gervais’s “Office” consists of just 14 episodes. The American version is up to 104 episodes and keeps going. And while our “Office” has occasional missteps, it’s mostly brilliant and underrated. Gervais is proud of that. “They’ve done an excellent job,” he said.

And he did an excellent job last night, skewering everyone. As for his accurate derogatory comments about the Golden Globes: “I did worry about being asked back. But those are the things I’d heard. And I have a Golden Globe myself!”

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