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None of them received Academy Awards subsequently. They weren’t even nominated for Oscars.

So much for the Golden Globes as Oscar predictors.

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One thing about 2008: “Slumdog Millionaire” was a slam dunk choice. There’s no such thing this year. If the Globes choose “Avatar” for Best Picture, the feeling is that will be that. The Oscar will go to either “The Hurt Locker,” “Inglourious Basterds,” or “Up in the Air.”

You may recall that last year the Globe went to Mickey Rourke for “The Wrestler.” Sean Penn won the Oscar for “Milk.”

Kate Winslet got two Globes last year. All eyes will be on Sandra Bullock now to see if she can pull that off, too.

The Globes were even further off in 2007. They gave awards for Best Picture to “Atonement” and “Sweeney Todd.” They were never heard from again. They also gave awards to Julie Christie and Johnny Depp, who got nada from the Academy. The Globes did give prizes to Daniel Day-Lewis and Marion Cotillard, who wound up winning Oscars. But they also delivered a Best Director statue to Julian Schabel, who lost the Oscar to the Coen Bros.

Their best pictures in 2006? “Babel” and “Dreamgirls.” Are you getting the picture now? That was also the year they handed prizes to Sacha Baron Cohen for “Borat” and Eddie Murphy for “Dreamgirls.”

In the end, it may be better to duck or give back the Globe or wave away the camera when a name is called if you want an Oscar!

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