We all know Robert De Niro is man of few words. He does not give a lot of public endorsements.

But Thursday night in Hollywood, De Niro made a rare appearance at a party for Tom Ford’s “A Single Man” to support pal Julianne Moore. She’s nominated for best supporting actress at the Critics Choice and Golden Globe awards, and is on her way to an Oscar nomination.

De Niro came over to La Dolce Vita restaurant after a day of shooting “Little Fockers,” accompanied by another pal, Joe Pesci. His proclamation to Moore: “You gave one of the best performances I’ve ever seen. It was wonderful.” Moore, who is already a redhead, blushed a very deep red. De Niro could not stop gushing, which for him was quite a moment.

The “Single Man” party also boasted another famous redhead: Anne Hathaway, who accepted kudos for her own wonderful musical performance on “The Simpsons” on Sunday. Hathaway is poised for a big Broadway career if she wants one.

Some of the other guests at the swellish party included Jacqueline Bisset, Mary Kay Place, Colleen Camp, director George Hickenlooper, and of course, director Ford himself.

Today: More celebrating as the AFI includes “Single Man” in their lunch salute. And “Nine” star Marion Cotillard and director Rob Marshall get a special lunch at Cecconi restaurant. Each guest is getting a gift bag with two new soft drinks called “Sin” (how appropriate for “Nine”) and Serenity!

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