Have you heard about a website called www.songsforsoldiers.us?

It’s a grand idea: to supply every American soldier in Iraq and Afghanistan with an MP3 player. The players are pre-loaded with music, but not Beyonce or the Black Eyed Peas. The songs are all by soldiers and vets, running the gamut from patriotic to sardonic, from hip hop to country to pop.

The program is funneled through the USO, so it’s clean as a whistle as the money gets translated into music. The players are attractive, too, coming in camouflage with the USO logo.

And one of the founders of the program, actor Tom Wiggin (well known to fans of “As the World Turns” as Kirk Anderson, schemer) is devoted to bringing in more actors and celebs to help promote the idea. So far he’s got Ann Curry, “Terminator” star Linda Hamilton, Terrell Owens, and LuAnn deLesseps. More are signing up every day. In the meantime, check out Songs for Soldiers on Facebook, where soldiers are posting notices about new music all the time. What a great idea!

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