The Best Actress category has gotten very interesting suddenly.

While Meryl Streep remains the odds-on favorite for her work in “Julie & Julia,” there’s a new player in the game: Sandra Bullock.

Bullock is pulling a lot of of weight and good vibes for her role in the big studio formula hit, “The Blind Side.” Sandy has a Golden Globe nomination and a few others under her belt for her portrayal of a real life Memphis rich gal who takes an abandoned high school football player into her home. It’s a true story, but one that is hard to swallow if you give “The Blind Side” more than a few minutes of thought.

Still, Sandra Bullock is hard working and incredibly likable. And even though her character, Lee Anne Tuohy, resembles Kathie Lee Gifford down to her high heels, Bullock makes her a success. It’s not the actress’s first real acting knockout. She was excellent in both “Crash” and “Infamous,” showing the serious side of her acting chops.

But as one insider told me recently, “Sandy will be happy just to be nominated.” She’ll be a great addition to the Oscars.

However, this is Meryl Streep’s year. She made three hit films ‘ “Julie and Julia,” “It’s Complicated,” and “Fantastic Mr. Fox.” In each, she is towering. And despite the idea that ‘Meryl always wins,’ La Streep has not taken home an Oscar in 27 years. It was for “Sophie’s Choice.” Sure, she’s been nominated a lot ‘‘over and over ‘ but she’s also had to endure watching others swan past her.

Don’t get the impression she’s above winning. Not at all. When someone mentioned the Oscar recently, Streep supposedly responded, “From your lips to God’s ear.” I think God and the Academy are listening. Bullock aside, not to mention Carey Mulligan, Gabby Sidibe, and Marion Cotillard, 2010 is the year of Streep. You can bet on it!

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