59230063One thing we know: Amy Adams is not having her baby on Leap Day because 2010 is not a leap year.

But the star of “Leap Year” is otherwise keeping secret the exact due date for the baby she’s having with fiancee actor Darren Le Gallo. “It’s in the spring.” she told me coyly, and said the same when Universal Pictures prez Ron Meyer asked too.

This is the new thing among the cool Hollywood stars. For example, I heard last night that Paul Rudd and his wife Julie had a second baby about two months ago. They never announced it, no one knows the name or the sex. “They’re not into publicizing it,” says a friend.

But Amy is otherwise looking about four and a half months gone, and she is radiant. The two time Oscar nominee was meeting and greeting last night at the premiere of “Leap Year.” But she, like many of the stars last night, was a little taken aback when a young reporter for a weekly mag asked them about “celebrity death” in regards to heiress Casey Johnson. Amy answered the questions politely, but some of the other celebs weren’t so pleased. The reporter, I’m told, was given the pitch out the door.

“Leap Year” was shot, panoramically, in Ireland by director Anand Tucker, the man who gave us the great film, “Hilary and Jackie.” And Ireland ‘ you can only imagine what fun it would be to shoot a movie there. Plenty of booze, right? “But I don’t drink,” Tucker told me. He didn’t have a sip. He’s half Indian, half German and a tee totaller, he explained. All the wrong people are sent to have fun!

Matthew Goode is Adams’s co-star, and most people weren’t sure who he was at first ‘ until they were reminded of “Match Point” and Matthew’s current turn in “A Single Man.” He’s won a whole new slew of admirers, including matchbox twenty rocker Rob Thomas and wife Marisol, who were both knocked out by him. “We each have a crush on him now,” said Marisol, Rob in the bromance way (no rumors please). Also on hand from the movie: actor Adam Scott, who’s also a favorite of the Thomases for his Starz TV series, “Party Down.” And of course, John Lithgow, who makes a memorable cameo in “Leap Year” as Amy’s down-at-heel dad. Lithgow can do anything!

There were plenty of other luminaries at the DGA Theater and later Rouge Tomate including Regis and Joy Philbin ‘‘Regis just back on the air after his hip surgery. You can scotch those rumors that he’s thinking of retiring. Not Regis. He’s more into his TV show than ever. Over the break, he and Joy told me, they watched a lot of films on screeners. What did they like? “Up in the Air” was their first choice. Also: “It’s Complicated.” But randomly taken from a pile of discs, “Humpday,” an indie film, was not popular in the Philbin home. No kidding!

P.S. Here’s a little gossip from the after party: coming soon to Broadway is a musical version of “Honeymoon in Vegas” written by Andrew Bergman with music and lyrics from Jason Robert Brown (”Parade”). Imagine a whole musical number of Elvis impersonators. This could be good. A workshop was performed recently and went well enough to proceed forward to a reality stage. As with all new shows, let’s hope it’s original, witty and a success!

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