I knew “Titanic.” “Avatar” is no “Titanic.”

Even though “Avatar” has made its much vaunted billion dollars around the world, fans of the 3D sci-fi spectacle are not wanting to take its music home.

Remember when James Cameron’s “Titanic” launched Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” up the charts to number 1? You couldn’t get away from the song or Celine pounding her heart with her fist.

Alas, Leona Lewis’s theme song from “Avatar” is atrocious, and, luckily, not getting any traction. So far the soundtrack album to “Avatar,” featuring the milquetoast new age music of James Horner, isn’t selling any copies. Only amazon.com has it listed, at number 20. Otherwise, the “Avatar” CD is not a factor in the music sales since its release on December 15th.

As well, the Lewis single, “I See You,” has failed to attract much attention from anyone. And that’s just as well. Lewis is a great singer, and has her own hit album and single out right now. “I See You” is a bland example of her soulful work. For a better example of Leona Lewis, try “Happy.”’

And here’s an irony: even though “I See You” hasn’t done much for “Avatar,” Lewis has helped out another, more Oscar prone movie. “Happy” is used in the TV ads and trailers for “Precious.” So there.

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