michael jackson 234x300 FBI Releases 300 Pages on Michael JacksonThe FBI released today some 300 pages on Michael Jackson.

Much of it is a 200-page report from 1992 detailing a crazed stalker who threatened to kill President George H.W. Bush and commit mass murder. The stalker was obsessed with Jackson as well as John Gotti. He was eventually arrested.

The rest of it has to do with the attempt in 2003-06 by Santa Barbara District Attorney Tom Sneddon to try Jackson on child molestation and conspiracy. As everyone knows, Jackson was acquitted in June 2005 after 20 months of hell.

Interestingly, in this FBI file, the notes written indicate that nothing of note was found on Jackson’s computers to convict him.

There are also files from the 1993-94 investigation into child molestation. One interesting note from an FBI officer concerns a Toronto woman who worked in children’s services. She purported to have traveled on the same train as Jackson and his entourage to the Grand Canyon from Chicago. Jackson and his staff got in California and took four compartments. Accompanying Jackson was then-12-year-old Jordan Chandler. The witness said the two seemed extremely close, and that she was concerned about noises coming out of their compartment.

The report says that Jackson had with him a minor boy of 12 or 13 who was identified as Michael’s “cousin.” “Jackson was very possessive of boy at night,” wrote the officer. “(The witness) heard questionable noises through wall.”

But much of the FBI reports released today are adminstrative. Much of the material has been redacted so no names appear. Many of the pages are just copies of newspaper and British tabloid stories about Jackson, most of which weren’t true in the first place.

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