It was only twelve days ago, December 8th, that actress Brittany Murphy’s husband had an incident on a flight that landed in Los Angeles from San Juan. Here’s TMZ’s record of the 911 call.

Now Murphy, 32, a bright young girl with a big future, a decent past and a terrible present is dead. She reportedly died of cardiac arrest this morning in husband Simon Monjack’s home.

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Murphy had been hired for a movie shooting in Puerto Rico called “The Caller.” But she was fired from the film before she even started it, and replaced quickly. There are stories all over the Internet about the couple’s drug taking, and their bad behavior in Puerto Rico.

Monjack will now have to face a barrage of tabloid questioning and maybe even the police. He describes himself as a “screenwriter” but his only real credit that anyone ascribes to him is some kind of involvement with “Factory Girl” — a movie about real-life hard-partying, chipper blonde Edie Sedgwick who eventually succumbed to her demons. It looks like Brittany has, too. It’s a terrible shame.

Murphy, it should be noted, was no slouch. She worked all the time, even if her 14-year career had devolved into a kind of B-movie marathon. She also did voiceovers and was part of the “King of the Hill” animated series.

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