Harvey Weinstein is back ‘ even the New York Times said so yesterday. The story mentions the 10 Golden Globe nominations. But there were also about 25 from the Critics Choice Awards, which airs on VH-1 on January 15th and is the actual kick-off of awards season.

The Weinstein Company ‘ which should be renamed Miramax ‘ hey Disney, are you there? ‘ has four movies in the awards game: “Nine,” “Inglorious Basterds,” “A Single Man,” and “The Road.” Reports of the company’s demise were surely premature. But this is what happens in every movie company. The business is cyclical. Even so, let’s not forget that last year, “The Reader” picked up Best Actress for Kate Winslet and was nominated for Best Picture.

Next up for Weinstein Co: Michael Cera in “Youth in Revolt.” It’s from Bob Weinstein’s Dimension Pictures. And it’s going to be a huge post-Christmas comedy hit. The Times is right. The W’s are back on track. Meanwhile, all the other indies ‘ who tried so hard to copy the original Miramax playbook ‘ are gone. The fact that the W’s have survived is not just luck. They do know what they’re doing, after all.

Coming next for a big year: Focus Features. After a desultory 2009, they have a big 2010 planned. Indie films are still here!

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