James Cameron’s “Avatar” is going to make a lot of money when it opens on Friday. (So will the makers of those 3D glasses, too!)

But awards don’t look forthcoming for the sci-fi spectacle about blue people on planet Pandora.

Yesterday, the American Film Institute didn’t include “Avatar” on its 10 best list for 2009. It did mention “The Hangover,” however.

“Avatar” did win Best Picture from the New York Online Film Critics, a group of home bloggers with interesting website names.

The big winners so far: “The Hurt Locker,” director Kathryn Bigelow, Meryl Streep, Jeff Bridges, Jeremy Renner, M’Onique, and “Precious.”

The next awards announcement will be nominees for the Broadcast Film Critics Association later today (airing January 15th on VH-1), followed by the Golden Globes tomorrow (January 17th) and the New York Film Critics Circle.

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