Michael Jackson must be rolling in his million dollar tomb. His kids spent Thanksgiving not in the warm embrace of a family meal at home, but in a luxury suite in a Las Vegas hotel.

A video of the kids’ Vegas reverie has been posted on YouTube.

The video features some of Jermaine and Randy Jackson’s kids conducting a tour of a $25,000 a-night a suite at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas on Thanksgiving Day. The suite is sort of a cold place on several floors and has a basketball court. Blanket ‘ Prince Michael II ‘ is seen in the video and heard shouting. His older brother, Prince, can be seen in it as well.

The question is then raised: where is Katherine Jackson, the kids’ grandmother and guardian? Why is there no adult present besides a bodyguard?

I told you recently that a Jackson insider said that the longer Michael’s kids are with the Jacksons, the worse it’s going to get for them.

And these are the Jackson family values. At last night’s premiere of the Jacksons’ reality show for A&E, guests were appalled that no mention was made of Michael Jackson at all. None of his songs were played. Jermaine Jackson thanked Allah. And the crowd was the usual D list gang: Some of the Wayans family showed up, as well as Tia Carrerre and Flava Flav. But they couldn’t compete with the few celebs who showed for the unveiling of a book called “Michael Jackson Opus”: former star athlete Bruce Jenner and his wife Kris Kardashian; and the grandstanding Jesse Jackson.

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