Madonna has been dating Jesus, but she also has her sights set on a new boytoy: call him Carlos II.

Carlos I of course was Carlos Leon, the father of Madonna’s pre-teen daughter Lourdes.

But last night at the premiere of Tom Ford’s “A Single Man,” Madonna took over a center booth at the Monkey Bar so she could flirt with Jon Kortajarena, the 24-year-old Spanish fly who plays Carlos in the film.

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This was sort of hilarious since Colin Firth and Julianne Moore are the actual stars of the film. They’re also tipped for Oscar and Golden Globe nominations in this exceptional film. But neither actor was of any interest to Madonna. She was just focused on tall, dark, handsome and young “Carlos,” whom she kept at her table all night. It didn’t matter that Moore (with father-of-her-kids director Bart Freundlich) and a smashing blonde Ellen Barkin were at the booth next to hers, or that Firth was available for conversation. Kortajarena plays a male prostitute on the Sunset Strip circa 1962. He resembles Carlos Leon. Wherever Madonna’s boyfriend, Jesus, is, he may have to sleep on the couch next.

Madonna also caused a huge problem at the “Single Man” screening at the Museum of Modern Art. The screening began a half hour late as organizers waited for her arrival. Her lateness dragged on and on, so the movie was finally allowed to start without her. Madonna and posse finally showed up a few minutes after the film began.

At the party, Madonna also pretty much ignored Courtney Love and REM’s Michael Stipe, who sat across from her at a smaller table. The pair didn’t seem to mind. They had a lot to talk about, especially Love’s new album in progress. Also at the “Single Man” premiere: Kevin Bacon, Olivia Palermo, Rose Byrne, a glowing and pregnant Padma Lakshmi, Lee Pace, Judy Greer, and Gina Gershon. There were fewer Academy voters than usual for this sort of thing, lots of young pretties, and the photographers wound up posting pix of the publicist and his boyfriend. Weird.

But make no mistake: both Firth and Moore are certain Oscar contenders. Their long scene inside Moore’s character’s house ‘ including dancing to Etta James and Booker T and the MGs ‘ is simply a classic. Firth goes right up against George Clooney, Daniel Day Lewis, Jeff Bridges, Morgan Freeman ‘ and swing vote Viggo Mortensen.

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