David Mamet’s new Broadway play, “Race,” is just terrific, with James Spader, Kerry Washington, David Alan Grier and Richard Thomas making a grand and eloquent quartet.

I was going to say “on the Great White Way.” But after seeing the controversial — and funny — “Race,” maybe not. Watch out for Kerry Washington — she steals the show!

Anyway, on Saturday night after the show the backstage area was buzzing, with Denzel and Pauletta Washington stopping in with their daughter; Damon Wayans, hilarious sister Kim Wayans, and Damon’s son; and director-actor Mike Binder all stopping in to give congrats.

And there was David Mamet, gathering up his Fab Four for notes on the night’s performance. Spader plays a lawyer, as he did so brilliantly on “Boston Legal.” He could bill $700 an hour, I joked with him. “I make more than that!” he replied.

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