Billy Joel spent the day with daughter Alexa today in an “undisclosed location,” or rehab somewhere in the New York area.

By rehab, I do mean more of rest-and-recuperative situation than a 28-day program. Alexa Ray, 23, is not a drug addict. She’s just a stressed-out member of her generation. I’ll bet a lot of “kids” her age can relate to what she went through yesterday.

Billy, who was in phone touch with Alexa on Saturday when she was at St. Vincent’s Hospital, was with her today. Alexa is said to be on the mend.

It was this column that first and exclusively reported her overdose was from homeopathic pills called Traumeel. They’re not very strong and in fact can be found in Canadian pharmacies over the counter. Other news outlets were happy to pick up this info without credit, apparently.

More on Billy’s visit with Alexa tomorrow …

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