The new top 10 CDs this week: albums from Sony/Columbia/Epic, Arista, Capitol, Decca, etc.

The only one from the Warner Music Group family, at number 10. It’s the Zac Brown Band, a jolly six man southern fried country blues bar band that is mostly unknown above the Mason Dixon line. That’s all right. They’ve got an authentic Georgia sound. And they’re keeping Edgar Bronfman, Jr and Lyor Cohen in Bentleys and Hamptons homes. Let’s hope Zac and co are living that well!

WMG also has numbers 11 and 12, too, but that point the sales numbers are cool.

In fact, WMG has had trouble turning the soundtrack to the new “Twilight” movie into a hit.

While the other labels do their best to make new artists work, WMG is kind of a mess. And yet yesterday, once again, they had a little run up in their stock price. Why? Who knows? Someone, no doubt. Make sense? Not a bit. Indeed, not a single album on the charts bears the actual Warner name.

This happens, though. Every quarter, right before an analyst conference call, WMG has a blip. Then comes the bad news. And the usual fall off. The next call is November 24th the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. That’s when Edgar Bronfman Jr will bring out the turkey. Or maybe a goose, and we’ll see if it’s cooked.

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