Wait! What was that? On last night’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” fans of “Seinfeld” learn something rather unexpected: eleven years after the show went off the show, Jerry and Elaine have a child together. It’s a daughter, named Isabelle.

Jerry reveals during the fake “Seinfeld” reunion that he “donated the sperm” to create this child. Now she calls him “Uncle Jerry” and he doesn’t like it.

Not only that: in the nearly dozen years since we last saw them, not much has happened to the “Seinfeld” gang. Jerry and Kramer still live across the hall from each other. Newman is still in the building. Elaine has the child. And George, of course, has remarried, and divorced again.

In fact, George has lost about two million dollars to Bernie Madoff after creating an “app” for the IPhone called IToilet, which finds the closest public bathroom. His ex, Cheryl, played by Cheryl Hines, who is Larry David’s fictional ex in the “Curb” series, then reveals she got her all money back from Madoff and lost nothing. She ran into him in the street and thought he looked “creepy.” Now George is trying to woo her back to get his money.

The fake “Seinfeld” reunion is the closest we’re going to get to a real “Seinfeld” reunion, and it’s brilliant. Conducted on “Curb,” it’s fictional Larry’s way of getting Cheryl to come back to him ‘ by letting her play George’s ex. As Julia Louis Dreyfus and Jason Alexander both say to Larry, “I didn’t know she was an actress.” Larry can’t even come up with a credit for Cheryl, although old “Curb” fans may recall she had a part in “The Vagina Monologues” years ago.

Last night’s episode poked fun, too, at Michael Richards‘ (Kramer’s) famous racist outburst. Michael Richards also fears that he may have Groat’s Disease ‘ which isn’t real, but was described in the second season of “Curb” as something to do with hyperactivity. Featured in the show were the characters of Newman and unsuccessful comic Kenny Banya. George’s mom was seen at the read-through for the reunion script, but there was no sign of his dad (Jerry Stiller).

Next week is the season finale for “Curb,” which will feature the “Seinfeld” reunion and maybe Larry and Cheryl’s as well. In the meantime, last night’s episode was really brilliant, combining elements from both shows. Of course, “Seinfeld” was squeaky clean and “Curb,” because it’s on cable, can be filthy. And so it was, with a joke that scandalized Jerry, and a running motif that could never be used in broadcast repeats about Larry and a nine year-old female pen pal. I think that’s why the show ran long last night, so those bits can be edited out later. The syndicated version of this episode will have to be stitched back together. But oh ‘ if you have HBO, the original is laugh out loud hilarious.

By the way, regarding the casting of Cheryl as George’s ex: Jason Alexander told me last night at the premiere of “Ragtime” he would have preferred Kristin Chenoweth. Or rather, George would have preferred her. And Meg Ryan? “Definitely not.” said Jason. Who they missed entirely: Marisa Tomei, with whom George was once obsessed.

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