captain eo 227x300 Michael Jacksons Captain EO Will Return to Disneyland“Captain EO” is coming back.

The word from Hollywood is that Disneyland is planning to revive Michael Jackson’s 3D film beginning in January. Heavily influenced by “Star Wars,” the 1986 short film was produced by George Lucas and directed by Francis Ford Coppola. Back in those days, Michael had the money from “Thriller” to make anything happen.

Among the cast: Michael, Anjelica Huston, Dick Shawn — the latter died less than a year after “Captain EO” was released.

It’s the 3D version coming back to Disneyland, but you can watch a less complex version on YouTube (see below).

“Captain EO” was pulled from Disneyland years ago. But with Jackson’s “This Is It” up to about $220 million worldwide, interest in him is rekindled. It’s another tragic irony for Jackson. And, believe it or not, the “This Is It” companion CD looks like it sold well over 125,000 copies last week — even though it’s just greatest hits.

“Captain EO” contains a video of Jackson dancing and singing a song called “We Are Here to Change the World.”

No word yet on whether Huston or any of the other “Captain EO” cast members will get paid for this revival. According to sources, Disney has the right to use the film whenever it wants to. I’m told they’re even thinking of having a premiere — with a red carpet — if they can get Jackson family members to attend. Hey, La Toya — you should call them right away!

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